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NBC New York: Wheel of Fortune contestant stuns audience with unexpected answer

Contestant on “Wheel of Fortune” Leaves Audience Shocked with NSFW Answer

Contestant’s NSFW Answer on “Wheel of Fortune” Leaves Host and Audience in Shock

During a recent episode of “Wheel of Fortune,” contestant Tavaris Williams shocked both the audience and host Pat Sajak with his risqué answer to a puzzle. The category was “Phrases,” and the letters revealed “_ _ _ _ I _ T _ E B _ _ T!.” Without hesitation, Williams buzzed in and confidently declared, “Right in the butt!” This unexpected response elicited gasps from the crowd and a surprised “What?!” from fellow contestant Tyra.

However, the correct answer was later revealed to be “This is the best!” Williams, with a good-natured chuckle, acknowledged that it was indeed a “much better answer.” Sajak, in his usual composed manner, joked that Williams had already left quite an impression on the show.

Apologizing for his out-of-the-box answer, Williams admitted that he was “a little excited” in the moment. Despite the humorous blunder, fans online couldn’t get enough of the unforgettable moment, with some speculating about Williams’ future family teasing him about it.

While Williams may not have emerged victorious in the game, his memorable response further solidified the long-running show’s reputation for unexpected and entertaining moments. As Sajak approaches the end of his tenure as host, the stage is set for incoming host Ryan Seacrest to continue the legacy of laughter and surprises that “Wheel of Fortune” is known for. And with Vanna White by his side, Seacrest is sure to feel right at home in his new role.

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