Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Missouri GOP candidate Valentina Gomez urges voters to be strong and proud

News Article: Missouri GOP Candidate Tells Voters Not to Be “Weak and Gay”

Missouri Republican Secretary of State candidate Valentina Gomez has stirred controversy with a recent campaign video where she is seen running through a historically LGBTQ+ neighborhood and telling voters not to be “weak and gay.” In the video, Gomez, who gained previous attention for burning library books about the LGBTQ+ community, urges voters to “stay f–king hard” and tagged British influencer Andrew Tate in the post. The 24-year-old real estate investor is running against three other candidates in the upcoming Republican primary on August 6. If elected, Gomez vows to ban books on LGBTQ+ topics. The current Secretary of State, Republican Jay Ashcroft, is running for governor. Stay updated on this developing story for more updates.

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