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Lycoming College students have a valuable experience meeting U.S. Supreme Court Justice

“Lycoming College Students Visit U.S. Supreme Court and Meet Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson”

Lycoming College students enrolled in Political Science 201 had a unique and enriching experience this semester, as they were able to visit the U.S. Supreme Court not just once, but twice. Led by Susan Achury, Ph.D., assistant professor of political science at Lycoming College, the students delved deep into the inner workings of the highest court in the land.

The first visit involved attending oral arguments for the case McIntosh v. United States, where the students were able to witness the courtroom dynamics and interactions between the justices and counsels. The second visit was even more special as the students had a private meeting with Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, the newest addition to the bench.

During their time at the Supreme Court, the students engaged in discussions with Justice Jackson and other legal professionals on a wide range of topics, from aligning values with professional responsibilities to different career paths within the legal field. The experience provided invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities that await aspiring legal professionals.

For senior Emily Wolfgang, a political science major and criminal justice and criminology minor, the course helped her gain clarity on her future legal career as she prepares to attend law school in the fall. The meeting with Justice Jackson, the first African American woman on the Supreme Court, left the students inspired and enthusiastic about pursuing a career in law.

Overall, the journey to the Supreme Court was a transformative experience for the Lycoming College students, offering a firsthand look at the complexities of the U.S. justice system and providing valuable guidance for their future careers in law.

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