Monday, June 24, 2024

Lawyer announces Janel Grant’s agreement to put Vince McMahon lawsuit on hold during DOJ investigation

Former WWE Employee Halts Lawsuit Against Vince McMahon Amid Federal Investigation

Former WWE employee Janel Grant has agreed to temporarily pause her lawsuit against founder Vince McMahon, as federal investigators look into the allegations of sex trafficking and abuse. Grant’s attorney announced the decision, stating that they will cooperate with the investigation.

McMahon’s attorney continued to deny the allegations, calling them false and vindictive. The Southern District of New York has not commented on the case.

In her lawsuit, Grant claimed she was a victim of abuse, assault, and trafficking at WWE, naming McMahon and other executives as defendants. WWE and its parent company have stated they take the allegations seriously, while McMahon resigned as executive chairman following the accusations.

Federal investigators had seized McMahon’s phone last summer to determine if any federal laws were broken in connection to Grant’s allegations. WWE had acknowledged the investigation in July.

Stay tuned as the case develops and the investigation unfolds.

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