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Lala Kent’s Most Memorable Feuds With Her ‘VPR’ Co-Stars Throughout the Years

Lala Kent’s Biggest Feuds with Her Vanderpump Rules Costars Over the Years

**Title: “Lala Kent’s Feuds with Vanderpump Rules Costars: A Timeline of Drama”**

“Lala Kent of Vanderpump Rules has never been one to shy away from confrontation, especially when it comes to her fellow cast members. From explosive arguments to subtle shade-throwing, Kent’s relationships with her costars have been a rollercoaster ride. Let’s take a look at some of her most noteworthy feuds over the years.”

1. **Katie Maloney**: Kent and Maloney’s friendship hit a rough patch when miscommunication led to tension. Despite attempts to reconcile, their differences persisted, culminating in an off-screen falling out before a reunion special.

2. **Raquel Leviss**: The feud between Kent and Leviss began with accusations of infidelity and intensified over rumors of an affair with Sandoval. Kent’s defense of her feelings and Leviss’ actions added fuel to the fire.

3. **Kristen Doute**: Rumors of a feud between Kent and Doute arose after Doute failed to defend Kent during a podcast shade-throwing incident. Their relationship took a hit as Doute addressed the situation on her own podcast.

4. **Ariana Madix**: Despite standing by Madix during a breakup, tensions rose between her and Kent during the filming of the reunion special. Kent’s comments about the aftermath of Madix’s split with Sandoval added to the drama.

5. **Brittany Cartwright**: Kent and Cartwright clashed over a babysitter-related issue, leading to a heated exchange. Kent’s pregnancy announcement added a new layer to their feud.

Kent’s turbulent relationships with her Vanderpump Rules costars continue to keep fans on the edge of their seats, proving that drama is never in short supply on the reality show.”

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