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Korea’s Ministry of Culture Investigates BTS for Alleged Chart Manipulation: Report

KOCCA Investigation into BTS’ Chart Manipulation Allegations

Title: HYBE under investigation for BTS chart manipulation allegations by KOCCA

The legal battle at HYBE, the entertainment company behind global sensation BTS, is heating up as allegations of chart manipulation continue to plague the K-pop industry. The Korean Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) has launched an investigation into claims of ‘sajaegi’, a practice of artificially inflating music charts.

The controversy dates back to 2017 when accusations of chart-rigging practices were first leveled against BTS. Despite HYBE’s repeated denials of any wrongdoing, the Ministry of Culture received an official complaint regarding the group’s alleged involvement in chart manipulation. The case has now been transferred to KOCCA for further examination.

The investigating team is set to reach out to HYBE to delve into the allegations. However, the news has sparked mixed reactions among K-netizens, with some dismissing the claims as baseless attempts to tarnish BTS’ reputation. Nonetheless, recent updates suggest that the investigation is already underway, focusing on incidents from 2017.

KOCCA is considering enlisting the help of courts and investigators if needed, and may request information from music streaming services as part of the inquiry process. The outcome of the investigation will be forwarded to the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism upon completion.

Speaking on the matter, an industry insider emphasized the gravity of music chart manipulation and expressed doubts about the integrity of the investigation process due to potential conflicts of interest with music streaming platforms.

The term ‘sajaegi’ has been a controversial issue in the K-pop industry, leading to the downfall of several artists. Despite BTS’ previous clean record and firm rebuttals of the allegations, the investigation persists. HYBE has consistently maintained its innocence, labeling the claims as defamatory and baseless.

As the inquiry unfolds, the K-pop community awaits the outcome of the investigation, which could have significant implications for BTS and the wider music industry. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.

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