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KIRO7 News Seattle reports on summer construction plans announced by Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Update on Construction Progress at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)

SEATTLE — Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) is buzzing with activity this summer as construction is underway on a whopping 120 projects as part of the Upgrade SEA initiative. With a $5 billion investment over the next five years, the airport is undergoing extensive modernization to enhance services and overall traveler experience.

Despite the significant construction efforts, SEA reassured passengers that their customer service experiences will not be hindered. In fact, several projects have already been completed, including new dining and retail spaces, renovated restrooms, and parking upgrades.

One of the key focuses of the construction is on improving security checkpoints. Additional lanes are being added to TSA Security Checkpoint 2 and TSA Security Checkpoint 3 to increase overall throughput by 600 passengers per hour, just in time for the peak summer travel season.

Travelers passing through SEA this summer can expect to see various construction projects that may impact their experience. From new retaining walls on the north expressway to expanded construction walls for a relocated TSA Security Checkpoint 1, the airport is undergoing major transformations to accommodate the growing number of passengers.

With an estimated 760,000 passengers expected to travel through SEA over the Memorial Day weekend and a forecast of 15.5 million passengers for the summer, the airport is gearing up for a busy season. To help alleviate congestion, passengers are encouraged to arrive early, especially during peak morning hours, and participate in a special 75th Anniversary summer scavenger hunt around the airport.

For more information on the ongoing construction projects at SEA and helpful travel tips for passengers, visit the Port of Seattle webpage. With all these exciting developments, SEA is set to soar to new heights as a top destination for travelers in the years to come.

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