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Kimberly and Gianna Gotti seek dismissal of LI assault case, cite harm to reputation from infamous last name, lawyer argues

Assault case against John “Junior” Gotti’s wife and daughter linked to infamous mob family name

In a dramatic turn of events, Kimberly and Gianna Gotti, wife and daughter of infamous mobster John “Junior” Gotti, are fighting to have their assault case dropped after a brawl at a Long Island basketball game earlier this year. The mother-daughter duo are facing a third-degree assault charge after allegedly getting into a physical altercation with another parent at Locust Valley High School gym.

Their lawyer claimed in court that the Gotti name was unfairly used against them following the incident, with the victims only identifying them after they were arrested. The defense lawyer argued that the Gotti name put his clients at a disadvantage in the case.

Despite being offered plea deals that would have resulted in the case being dropped, the Gottis rejected them, choosing to fight the charges instead. The district attorney’s office has expressed their intention to move forward with the case, even as the defense maintains their innocence.

Junior Gotti, who served time in federal prison for racketeering, refused to blame his last name for the turmoil, stating that he had never used it as a crutch and wouldn’t start now. With both sides standing firm in their positions, the case continues to unfold, drawing attention to the legal battles of this notorious family.

The legacy of the Gotti family, known for their connections to organized crime, adds a layer of intrigue to this already captivating story. As the legal proceedings continue, the public will be watching closely to see how this high-profile case unfolds.

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