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Jennifer Lopez stands beside offensive sign amidst swirling Ben Affleck divorce rumors

Jennifer Lopez boldly flaunts ‘Don’t F with JLo’ sign amid rumours of split from Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez made a bold statement recently while promoting her upcoming movie, Atlas. As rumours swirl about her possible split from Ben Affleck, the singer and actress flaunted a ‘Don’t F with JLo’ vibe in a photoshoot with billboards from Netflix marketing the film.

In a series of photos posted online, JLo can be seen posing in front of a billboard that reads, “Don’t F with JLo,” as she promotes her film, Atlas, set to stream on Netflix. Although she was surprised by the marketing move, Lopez seemed happy to support it, as she shared her excitement in a TikTok video.

The star kept her look casual in a grey sweatpants and crewneck set, but she still looked camera-ready with natural makeup and a pouting expression. Notably, she wore a ring on her finger in the photos, sparking speculation about the status of her relationship with Ben Affleck.

Recent reports suggest that the couple’s relationship may be in trouble, with sources hinting at a possible divorce. Lopez was spotted alone on the red carpet for Atlas, and Affleck was reportedly seen moving into a rental mansion near his ex-wife Jennifer Garner’s home.

JLo and Ben have yet to address the rumours publicly, but their actions have certainly sparked speculation. As fans eagerly wait for updates, Lopez continues to make a statement with her bold photoshoots and promotional efforts for Atlas.

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