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IU News: Pediatrician of the Future Equipped with Global Perspectives for Patient-Centered Care

IU School of Medicine Student Morgan Foley’s International Volunteer Experience at Barretstown: A Serious Fun Camp

IU School of Medicine student Morgan Foley’s experiences volunteering at Barretstown: A Serious Fun Camp in Ireland have shaped her approach to patient interactions as she begins her clinical rotations. Foley received an international enhancement grant last summer to return to the camp, where she led activities for children with serious illnesses.

Foley’s time at the camp gave her a unique perspective on patient care, especially as an aspiring pediatrician with an interest in psychiatry. She valued the opportunity to understand the challenges faced by pediatric patients beyond just their diagnoses, emphasizing the importance of a holistic approach to healthcare.

Now, as she starts her clinical rotations in general surgery, Foley credits her experiences in Ireland for helping her connect with patients on a deeper level. She believes that global experiences like the one she had at Barretstown can positively impact future healthcare professionals, regardless of their specialization.

Foley encourages other medical students to seek out similar enrichment opportunities, emphasizing the value of stepping out of one’s comfort zone to gain cultural humility and understanding. Her advice to her peers is simple: “Just go for it.”

As Foley continues on her medical journey, she is grateful for the life-changing experience she had at Barretstown and the lessons it taught her about patient-centered care.

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