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International Criminal Court to Decide on Request to Order Israel to Cease Gaza Offensive

United Nations Court Rules on South Africa’s Urgent Plea Against Israel

**Title: UN Court Rules on South Africa’s Urgent Plea to Halt Israeli Military Operations in Gaza**

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) is set to make a ruling on an urgent plea from South Africa to order Israel to immediately stop its military operations in Gaza and withdraw from the enclave. This comes amidst an intensifying conflict in the region following deadly attacks by Hamas-led militants on October 7.

Israel, which is facing increasing isolation on the international stage, is unlikely to comply with any cease-fire order issued by the ICJ. However, such a ruling would further mount pressure on the Israeli government as it faces criticism both at home and abroad for its actions in Gaza.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is under significant pressure from within Israel to bring an end to the conflict. Thousands of Israelis have been participating in weekly demonstrations calling for the government to secure the release of Israeli hostages held by Hamas.

The ICJ, despite having broad powers, lacks an enforcement mechanism for its orders. In a separate case involving Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the court’s order has been disregarded. Friday’s ruling follows recent developments in the International Criminal Court, where arrest warrants were sought for Netanyahu, Israel’s defense minister, and three Hamas leaders.

The cease-fire request is part of a larger case filed by South Africa last year, accusing Israel of committing genocide in Gaza. Israel vehemently denies these allegations, and the legal proceedings are expected to be lengthy. South Africa is seeking interim measures to protect Palestinians during this process.

At recent hearings at the ICJ, South Africa urged the court to order Israel to completely withdraw from Gaza, citing the real danger posed to the Palestinian population by Israeli military operations. Israel maintains that it takes measures to minimize harm to civilians in the region.

The ongoing conflict has resulted in significant casualties and humanitarian crisis in Gaza, with the ICJ previously ordering Israel to prevent acts of genocide and improve the humanitarian situation. The court’s ruling will have far-reaching implications for the conflict between Israel and Gaza and the broader Middle East region.

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