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Insta360 X4 brings 8K resolution for the first time, longer battery life and other improvements

The newly launched Insta360 X4 camera revolutionizes 360° video recording by introducing the industry’s first 8K resolution, allowing for unprecedented detail and clarity. Alongside significant enhancements in battery life and additional features, this model sets a new standard in immersive video technology.

360° cameras have always provided a unique way to capture moments, allowing for post-capture framing. The latest offering from Insta360, the X4 model, marks a significant leap from previous versions by offering 8K video resolution at 30fps. This advance is supported by the efficient H.265 codec, a notable upgrade from the X3’s H.264, accommodating a higher video bitrate of 200Mbps to manage the increased resolution seamlessly.

For those who found the 5.7K resolution sufficient, the X4 still presents a compelling upgrade. It now supports recording at 60fps in 5.7K and 100fps in 4K, doubling the frame rate of its predecessor, which enriches the fluidity and quality of the videos.

The X4 also introduces several user-friendly enhancements. The Me Mode, for instance, now outputs a 4K 30fps video, significantly improving upon the 1080p clips produced by the X3. Another feature, MaxView, captures video at a 170° field of view in 4K at 60fps, improving the dynamic range and immersion of footage. Moreover, the device supports 11K timelapse videos, an upgrade from the previous 8K, pushing the boundaries of high-resolution videography.

In terms of durability and usability, the X4 boasts a larger 2.5” touchscreen protected by Gorilla Glass, and interchangeable lens guards are available to shield its dual fisheye lenses from damage. The new 2,290mAh battery extends recording times significantly, offering up to 135 minutes at 5.7K 30fps — a 67% increase over the X3.

Designed for versatility, the Insta360 X4 is water-resistant up to 10 meters without additional casing and can function in temperatures as low as -20°C, perfect for adventurers looking to capture underwater scenes or snowy landscapes. Despite being slightly heavier at 203g, the benefits of improved video quality and battery life are substantial.

The camera integrates a powerful 5nm AI chip, enhancing its video recording capabilities through advanced processing power, and features a 1/2” sensor that captures images in 72MP resolution. Available now, the Insta360 X4 retails at $500 in the US, with additional bundles offering enhanced features for underwater and GPS-enabled recording.


With its cutting-edge 8K resolution and robust performance enhancements, the Insta360 X4 not only offers a superior filming experience but also represents a significant advancement in the technology of 360° cameras, making it a standout choice for both amateur and professional videographers.

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