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India and US Explore Ways to Enhance Space Cooperation in World News

US-India Advanced Domains Defense Dialogue Held at Pentagon: Strengthening Space Cooperation

US and India Strengthen Space Cooperation at Advanced Domains Defense Dialogue in Washington, DC

In a significant step towards enhancing bilateral defense ties, US Acting Assistant Secretary of Defence for Space Policy Vipin Narang and India’s Joint Secretary for International Cooperation, Vishwesh Negi, met for the second annual US-India Advanced Domains Defense Dialogue (AD3) at the Pentagon in Washington, DC on Thursday.

The dialogue focused on opportunities to strengthen space cooperation and identified potential areas for collaboration with US industry. According to the statement released by the US Department of Defence Spokesperson Cmdr Jessica Anderson, the dialogue aimed to deepen collaboration on evolving and emerging defense domains, including space, as part of the commitment made by the US Secretary of Defense and Indian Minister of Defense during the 2022 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue.

During the meeting, Narang and Negi agreed to advance AD3 through regular working group discussions. The visiting Indian government delegation also engaged with the US Space Command, the Joint Commercial Operations Cell, and artificial intelligence experts from across the US Department of Defense.

In a previous meeting held in April under the Defence Tech and Trade Initiative (DTTI), key officials from both countries discussed leveraging their respective strengths to enhance defense cooperation and co-production. The joint working group meeting aimed to deepen bilateral defense ties and focused on overcoming challenges through partnership and cooperative research.

The dialogue between the US and India signifies a growing partnership in the field of defense and space cooperation, paving the way for future collaborations and advancements in the domain. The strong commitment to working together and exploring innovative plans highlights the shared goal of strengthening defense ties between the two nations.

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