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Highways Festival 2024: London ablaze with country music for another unforgettable night of live performances

Highways Festival 2024 Rocked London with Country Music Stars

Highways Festival 2024 set London ablaze with two unforgettable nights of country music at the Royal Albert Hall. The star-studded event wowed audiences with electrifying performances from top artists, creating an atmosphere that united country fans in pure musical bliss.

Hosted by Baylen Leonard, the festival kicked off with BOWEN * YOUNG, a dynamic duo with an incredible backstory that resonated with the crowd. Their heartfelt set, including a soulful rendition of Beyoncé’s “Halo,” left spectators in awe of their raw talent and on-stage chemistry.

The night continued with Tanner Usrey, a Texas-born singer who brought a unique blend of storytelling and rock ‘n’ roll energy to the stage. Shane Smith & The Saints, a red dirt country band from Austin, Texas, kept the momentum going with their high-octane performance, setting the audience abuzz.

The highlight of the evening was headliners The Cadillac Three, whose high-energy, foot-stomping set had the crowd on their feet from start to finish. With hits from their latest album and a comparison to the iconic Grand Ole Opry, TC3 delivered a show that encapsulated the essence of country music for all to enjoy.

The Highways Festival 2024 was a night to remember, showcasing the best of country music in a setting that radiated with history and excitement. As the festival came to a close, attendees left with memories of an unforgettable experience that celebrated the heart and soul of country music.

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