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Group of Eight universities caution they depend on international student fees as government considers capping enrolments

International Student Fees and Proposed Caps: Implications for Australian Universities

Australia’s top universities express concern over proposed international student caps

Australia’s Group of Eight universities have raised alarm over the federal government’s plan to impose caps on international student enrollments, citing potential damage to the education sector.

A recent analysis of the financial statements of the Group of Eight universities revealed that international students are a crucial source of income for these institutions, second only to government grants. Despite being a minority among the student body, international students contribute significantly to the universities’ revenue.

For example, at the University of Queensland, international students accounted for over 72% of student income in 2023, paying 2.6 times more than domestic fees and contributions combined. Similarly, the University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne relied heavily on international student payments, with 43% and 45% of their student body being international, respectively.

The Australian government’s move to introduce powers to cap international student numbers is aimed at easing pressure on housing and migration. However, the Group of Eight universities argue that such caps could have damaging effects on the sector, especially if not implemented carefully.

Group of Eight chief executive Vicki Thomson emphasized the positive contributions of international students to the economy and research efforts, calling for a funding model that reduces universities’ dependence on this revenue stream. Australian Treasurer Jim Chalmers echoed the sentiment, acknowledging the need to manage the growth of international students while supporting the benefits they bring.

As negotiations between the government and universities continue, the focus remains on finding a balanced approach that allows for sustainable growth in international student enrollments while addressing concerns related to housing and migration issues.

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