Monday, May 20, 2024

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Latest International Current Affairs – May 2024

The Canadian government recently implemented a two-year strategy to limit the number of foreign students it would accept, impacting individuals from countries such as India who were interested in studying there. This decision has stirred up discussions and concerns among students and educational institutions.

In another development, researcher Nature Desai brought attention to China’s construction of roads in the Himalayas through satellite images shared on social media platform X. The images revealed the building of a road across the Aghil pass, raising questions about China’s infrastructure projects in the region.

Furthermore, Georgia’s parliament passed a controversial “foreign agents” bill despite opposition from both domestic and international sources. The bill targets news outlets, NGOs, and other groups receiving more than 20% of their funding from foreign sources, sparking debates about freedom of press and expression in the country.

Moreover, China and Pakistan engaged in discussions about long-term growth plans, including altering the route of the Karakoram Highway and enhancing other important projects under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The talks between Liu Jianchao of the Communist Party of China and officials from Pakistan shed light on future collaborations between the two countries.

Lastly, in response to devastating floods in Kenya, the Government of India dispatched a second round of humanitarian assistance to aid the affected population. The aid includes essential supplies to support relief efforts in the region, underscoring the importance of international cooperation during times of crisis.

These recent developments underscore the complex dynamics of international relations, infrastructure projects, and humanitarian efforts, shaping the global landscape in various ways. Stay tuned for more updates on these evolving stories.

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