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Four members of international burglary tourism ring apprehended in Glendale

“Four Alleged Members of International Burglary Ring Arrested in Glendale”

Glendale police have made a major breakthrough in cracking down on an alleged international ring of “burglary tourism” with the arrest of four Colombian nationals. The suspects were apprehended following a routine traffic stop late on Monday night after officers noticed a car driving without headlights in Glendale.

Upon searching the vehicle, officers made a startling discovery – a sophisticated video surveillance device camouflaged with leaves and a battery pack charging system. The presence of this equipment, along with other items like jewelry boxes and construction gear, led detectives to believe that the suspects had strategically placed the camera to monitor homes and determine the best time to strike.

The arrested individuals were identified as Jose Antonio Velasquez, Edison Arley Pinzon Fandino, Luis Carlos Moreno, and Bryan Martinez-Vargas. Interestingly, Vargas had been previously caught on April 30 after a pursuit in Glendale, where he and an accomplice were seen discarding stolen items from a targeted residence.

The police also found a WiFi signal jammer in that case, which was still active and disrupting home security systems. This technology is used to enter homes undetected and render traditional security measures ineffective.

Authorities suspect that the group was part of a larger operation involving “burglary tourism,” where criminals from South America enter the US under the guise of tourism and target affluent neighborhoods for robberies. Similar incidents have been reported in other cities in Southern California, indicating a coordinated criminal effort.

The Glendale Police Department is urging anyone with information to come forward and assist in the ongoing investigation. This successful operation highlights the importance of vigilance and collaboration in combating organized crime activities.

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