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Family of Israeli hostage hopes video serves as reminder of importance of negotiating a deal

Family Releases Harrowing Video of Israeli Hostage Kidnapping: Plea for Release & Negotiations

**Title: Families of Israeli Hostages Release Disturbing Video in Desperate Plea for Action**

**By Lucy Manning, Special Correspondent, BBC News | 5 hours ago**

The family of Israeli hostage Naama Levy has taken a bold step in releasing new harrowing video footage of her and other female hostages being kidnapped by Hamas gunmen. The shocking video, filmed by the kidnappers themselves, captures the terrifying moment when the young women were seized and tied up, emphasizing the urgent need for world leaders to intervene and secure their release.

Naama, just 19 years old, was among seven young female conscripts taken hostage from the Nahal Oz military base on October 7. The footage reveals the brutal treatment the hostages were subjected to, with screams, bloodied faces, and threats of violence evident in the three-minute clip.

Despite the distressing nature of the video, Naama’s brother, Amit, who is campaigning for his sister’s release in London, sees it as a crucial tool to push for action. He highlights the dire humanitarian crisis at hand and hopes that the release of the footage will reignite efforts to secure a deal for their release.

Tragically, one of the female observers, Noa Marciano, was killed in Gaza, while another, Ori Megidish, was rescued. The remaining hostages, including Naama, have been in captivity for 229 days, raising concerns about their safety and well-being.

Naama’s family is deeply fearful of the potential risks the hostages face, especially after seeing the distressing state of Naama in the video. Amit emphasizes the ongoing battle to bring his sister and the other hostages home and the unimaginable pain of not knowing their fate.

In response to the video, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed shock and vowed to do everything in his power to secure the release of the hostages. The release of the footage has sparked renewed calls for urgent action and a plea for world leaders to prioritize the safe return of the hostages.

The heart-wrenching video serves as a stark reminder of the harrowing ordeal faced by Naama, her fellow hostages, and their families, underscoring the critical need for immediate intervention and a resolution to this ongoing crisis.

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