Monday, June 17, 2024

Entertainment News: Cate Blanchett receives backlash for claiming she is ‘middle class’ in speech

Cate Blanchett mocked for calling herself “middle class” despite $95 million fortune

The renowned actress Cate Blanchett has found herself in hot water after declaring herself “middle class” despite her staggering estimated fortune of US$95 million (S$128 million). The star made the controversial statement during a United Nations press conference at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival, where she was discussing her role as a UN goodwill ambassador and her work with refugee filmmakers.

Fans were quick to mock Blanchett’s assertion of being “middle class” on social media, pointing out her immense wealth and impressive career in Hollywood. Despite the backlash, some supporters came to her defense, suggesting she may have been referring to her economic status in comparison to billionaire celebrities.

In addition to the wealth debate, Blanchett has faced criticism from neighbors in Cornwall, where she is reportedly building an eco-mansion that has disrupted family vacations with construction noise. The actress, who is married to playwright Andrew Upton and has four children, purchased the property in 2020 and received planning permission to demolish the original structure and build a new five-bedroom home.

Despite the controversy surrounding her finances and real estate endeavors, Blanchett remains dedicated to her humanitarian work and encouraging others with influence to engage with marginalized communities. The actress emphasized her gratitude for the experience of working with refugees and the impact it has had on her worldview.

As the debate over Blanchett’s self-identification as “middle class” continues to swirl, it seems the actress’s wealth and social status will remain a topic of discussion among fans and critics alike.

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