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Emcure Pharma and HDT resolve legal dispute regarding Covid vaccine technology | Company News

Emcure Pharma and HDT Bio Settle Legal Dispute Over Covid Vaccine Technology

Emcure Pharma, HDT settle legal fight over Covid vaccine technology

Indian pharmaceutical company Emcure Pharmaceuticals and U.S.-based vaccine developer HDT Bio have put an end to their legal battle over allegations of trade secret theft related to their joint work on a Covid-19 vaccine. The two companies announced on Friday that they have reached a settlement, which includes a long-term agreement to continue their collaboration on mRNA-based vaccines.

The agreement also grants Emcure a license to utilize HDT’s mRNA technology, marking the resolution of a lawsuit in the U.S. and arbitration in the U.K. Emcure CEO Satish Mehta expressed his satisfaction with the outcome, stating that the misunderstanding between the two companies has been resolved and that their technical collaboration has expanded.

HDT CEO Steve Reed praised the partnership, emphasizing the importance of their work in providing life-saving vaccines to people around the world. The Seattle-based HDT had sued Emcure in a U.S. court in 2022, alleging that the Indian company had misappropriated its self-amplifying RNA (saRNA) vaccine technology for Covid-19.

Despite the legal dispute, Gennova Biopharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Emcure, received approval for its Covid-19 vaccine from the Indian government in 2022. The lawsuit claimed that Gennova had violated the licensing agreement by claiming HDT’s technology as its own and seeking Indian patents for it.

While a federal judge dismissed the initial lawsuit due to jurisdictional issues, HDT was granted the opportunity to refile its complaint. The settlement between Emcure and HDT now paves the way for further collaboration in the development of cutting-edge vaccines.

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