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Discover the Enchanting Interiors of Emma Roberts’ Hollywood Haven

Emma Roberts has transformed her Hollywood Hills residence into a cozy sanctuary that combines chic comfort with vintage charm. This welcoming home, featured in the May issue of Architectural Digest, invites you to unwind amidst warm hues, plush furnishings, and an array of eclectic antiques, setting it apart from the typical celebrity estate.

In contrast to the often stark and overly polished spaces owned by her peers, Roberts’ residence exudes a lived-in quality that is both inviting and functional, particularly suited for leisurely days spent reading by the lagoon-style pool. Purchased in 2022 and shared with her son Rhodes, the home underwent a significant redesign by the acclaimed Pierce & Ward, renowned for their ability to craft spaces that feel genuinely homey and established.

Emma’s attachment to her home is deeply personal, stemming from a childhood characterized by frequent moves. The actor, known for her roles in romantic comedies and the “American Horror Story” series, sought stability and familiarity, especially important in creating a nurturing environment for her son. The purchase was motivated by an emotional connection to the house, initially seen as a rental on Instagram, which she felt compelled to make her own.

The design ethos of Pierce & Ward, who have also worked with stars like Dakota Johnson and Leonardo DiCaprio, is evident throughout the home. They aim for a timeless look, incorporating elements that suggest a storied past. This is reflected in the choice of decor, including a disco ball-like light fixture in the living room, under which lies a collection of paperbacks and rare books, and the walls adorned with iconic photographs and artworks like Julian Wasser’s famous portrait of Joan Didion.

Practicality and accessibility also play significant roles in the home’s design. When Roberts inquired about the origin of her stylish new kitchen island, she was amused to learn it was from a mainstream retailer, highlighting the designers’ pragmatic approach.

For Rhodes’ room, Roberts opted for a whimsical design, featuring a ceiling adorned with a serene scene of flying ducks, above a forest-themed bed, creating a magical and memorable space for her son.

Emma Roberts’ home is more than just a residence; it’s a reflection of her journey and a testament to the idea that a home can be both a personal sanctuary and a profound expression of one’s life story.

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