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Dave Portnoy’s pitbull, Miss Peaches, helps raise funds for shelters in the United States.

Former Shelter Pitbull “Miss Peaches” Steals Hearts and Raises Funds for Animal Shelters

Former Shelter Pitbull, Miss Peaches, Steals Hearts and Raises Funds for Animal Shelters

MIAMI — Miss Peaches, a former shelter pitbull, has captured the hearts of many and is making a significant impact on animal shelters in South Florida and beyond. Dave Portnoy, founder and owner of Barstool Sports, shared that Miss Peaches has brought tears to the eyes of many people who see her on the streets.

Not only is Miss Peaches melting hearts, but she is also raising serious cash for animal shelters. Miami Mayor Francis Suarez even declared May 20 as “Miss Peaches Day” and presented her with the “bone” to the city. This recognition coincided with National Rescue Dog Day, highlighting Miss Peaches’ transformative role in the rescue community and the Adopt Don’t Shop movement.

Miss Peaches was adopted by Portnoy from Lifeline Animal Project in Atlanta, where she was rescued from a hoarding situation. Since then, she has become a social media sensation, with Portnoy vowing to donate every dime made from her fame to charities supporting animal shelters.

The duo has already donated nearly $1 million to rescue organizations, making a significant impact in alleviating overcrowding in shelters. Despite the fame and attention she has garnered, Miss Peaches remains humble, and the focus remains on giving back to the rescue community.

As Miss Peaches continues to live the high life and make a difference in the lives of animals in need, the question of whether to add another furry companion to the family arises. Portnoy is considering getting her a brother, but ultimately, the decision will be up to Miss Peaches.

For now, Miss Peaches will continue to spread love and generosity to the rescue community, leaving a lasting paw print on all who encounter her.

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