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Clive Myrie opens up about how mass shootings have affected his view on the US

Clive Myrie shares his feelings and experiences covering US mass shootings

BBC news presenter Clive Myrie opened up about his complicated relationship with the United States during a candid discussion at the Hay Festival. Myrie, who has reported from the US for many years, revealed that covering numerous mass shootings in the country had deeply impacted his feelings towards it.

“My love for the US was completely undermined by the frequency of mass shootings,” Myrie shared with the audience. Despite this, he acknowledged that there are still aspects of the country that he loves.

Having served as the BBC’s Washington correspondent and reported on the administrations of three US presidents, including Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barack Obama, Myrie provided insights into the nation’s complex relationship with gun violence. He recounted a poignant moment where he witnessed former President Obama break down over the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012, highlighting the powerlessness of even the most influential figures when it comes to gun laws.

Moreover, Myrie delved into the deeper reasons behind America’s gun culture, stating that it is rooted in a desire to challenge the government and resist authority, rather than just a historical legacy of hunting. He pointed to the events of January 6th and the insurrection as a stark reminder of the underlying issues at play.

In addition to discussing gun violence, Myrie shared personal anecdotes about his family’s journey from Jamaica to the UK as part of the Windrush generation. He touched on the struggles of racism and discrimination they faced, emphasizing the resilience and hard work that enabled them to build a better life.

Reflecting on his own career path, Myrie revealed that despite his parents’ initial expectations for him to pursue a traditional profession like law, he followed his passion for journalism. He humorously mentioned that he was only forgiven by his parents once he began hosting Mastermind.

Throughout the conversation, Myrie highlighted his commitment to being a journalist first and foremost, rather than being defined solely by his race. He emphasized the importance of covering diverse stories and events, including moments of social injustice and historical significance, while maintaining his own agency and perspective.

The discussion with Clive Myrie at the Hay Festival offered a nuanced and introspective look at the complexities of journalism, race, and America’s ongoing struggle with gun violence. Myrie’s personal experiences and thoughtful insights provided a thought-provoking perspective on these important issues.

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