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Childish Gambino Cleared of Stealing “This Is America” Song as Appeals Court Rules in His Favor

Childish Gambino Scores Legal Victory Over Kidd Wes in “This Is America” Lawsuit

Childish Gambino Scores Legal Victory as Court Rejects Kidd Wes’ Lawsuit Over “This Is America”

Childish Gambino, also known as Donald Glover, has come out victorious in his legal battle against rapper Kidd Wes over the hit song “This Is America.” A federal appeals court has rejected Wes’ latest attempt to sue Gambino for copyright infringement, citing lack of substantial evidence.

The lawsuit stems from Wes’ claim that Gambino plagiarized his 2016 song, “Made in America,” in the creation of “This Is America.” However, Wes had previously lost his initial suit against Gambino in 2023 due to his failure to copyright the underlying musical composition of his original song.

Judge Victor Marrero had dismissed the case, stating that even if Wes had the proper copyright, Gambino did not infringe on his work. Marrero noted that the elements of Wes’ composition were not original enough to warrant protection and were not substantially similar to Gambino’s song.

Despite the legal challenges, Gambino remains focused on his music career. He recently surprised fans with a new project called “Atavista,” which is a reissued version of his fourth studio album, “3.15.20.” Gambino announced on Twitter that a new album is set to be released in the summer, along with a special vinyl edition of “Atavista” featuring visuals for each song.

Additionally, Gambino will be embarking on “The New World Tour” later this year, showcasing his talents to fans around the world.

As the legal battle with Kidd Wes continues, Gambino’s star continues to rise in the music industry. Fans can expect more updates on Childish Gambino’s career on HotNewHipHop as the story unfolds.

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