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Charlie from Survivor 46 discusses not winning Maria’s vote

Exclusive: Charlie Davis Upset Over Maria Shrime Gonzalez’s Vote on Survivor 46

Survivor 46 contestant Charlie Davis was left feeling hurt and shocked after his biggest ally Maria Shrime Gonzalez didn’t vote for him to win the show. In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Charlie expressed his disappointment at Maria’s decision, especially since they had a close bond throughout the season.

During the Survivor season finale, Charlie realized he didn’t have Maria’s vote when three other jury members confessed to voting for him. With a 5-3 vote, Charlie ultimately lost to Kenzie Petty. The absence of Maria’s vote left him feeling devastated, as she had promised him her support before leaving the game.

Despite his disappointment, Charlie respected Maria’s decision and acknowledged Kenzie’s deserving win. He mentioned that he had put in effort to maintain a friendship with Maria after the show, but their relationship has become complicated due to the final vote.

The aftermath of Survivor 46 has left Charlie reflecting on trust and the complexities of relationships formed during the intense competition. The season may be over, but the emotional impact of the game lingers on for the contestants involved.

For fans of Survivor, the show is available to stream on Paramount+.

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