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Cecily Strong Met Chris Pratt, Star of Garfield, for the First Time at the Premiere

Cecily Strong Opens Up About Meeting Garfield Costar Chris Pratt for the First Time

Cecily Strong, the star of the upcoming “Garfield” movie, admitted to spending “zero” time with her co-stars before meeting them at the Los Angeles premiere. The animated film, set to hit theaters on May 24, features a star-studded cast including Chris Pratt, Samuel L. Jackson, Hannah Waddingham, and more.

Despite not meeting her co-stars until the premiere, Strong expressed excitement about finally meeting them and shared her experience voicing the character Marge, a tough security guard in the film. She also highlighted the timeless appeal of the “Garfield” franchise, which has resonated with both kids and adults over the years.

Apart from her role in the movie, Strong is also passionate about animals and has teamed up with Hill’s Pet Nutrition for their Senior Pet Adoption Campaign. She emphasized the importance of celebrating senior dogs and changing the mindset around pet adoptions, encouraging people to consider adopting adult and senior dogs.

As a dog mom herself, Strong shared how her own dog, Lucy, has brought joy and personality into her life and emphasized the significance of giving senior dogs a chance at a loving home. With the release of “The Garfield Movie” approaching, Strong’s commitment to animal welfare adds another layer of depth to her involvement in the film.

The “Garfield Movie” promises to bring laughter and nostalgia to audiences of all ages, continuing the legacy of the beloved comic strip created by Jim Davis in 1976. Strong’s dedication to her role and her passion for animal welfare make her an engaging and multi-dimensional figure in the entertainment industry.

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