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Bridgerton’s Jessica Madsen Responds to Mean DMs about Cressida

Interview with Bridgerton Actress Jessica Madsen: Embracing the Hate for Cressida Cowper

“Bridgerton Actress Jessica Madsen Embraces Mean DMs About Character Cressida Cowper”

“Bridgerton” star Jessica Madsen is not afraid to face the wrath of viewers who dislike her character Cressida Cowper. In a recent interview with People, the 32-year-old actress revealed the interesting messages she receives about Cressida, including “I love hating you so much” and “Thank you for letting me hate you so much.”

Madsen, however, takes it all in stride and sees it as a sign of a job well done. She even responds to some messages with a playful “You’re welcome.” She stated, “I really don’t take those things personally. The internet is wild. But I like it when people who I meet [who] have appreciated the show. Yeah. That’s always lovely.”

In the latest season of “Bridgerton,” which premiered on May 16, Cressida finds herself in the midst of drama as she forms an unlikely friendship with Eloise Bridgerton (played by Claudia Jessie) after a fallout with Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan).

Madsen believes that viewers are starting to see the real Cressida, beyond the mean girl persona they have perceived her to be. The actress shared, “The mask is falling off Cressida. She’s becoming a human being. No, we’re getting to see her human side and why she is the way she is.”

Meanwhile, newcomer Victor Alli, who plays John Stirling, a suitor for Francesca Bridgerton (Hannah Dodd), spoke exclusively to Us Weekly about his experience working with Dodd on the show. He praised Dodd as an incredible actress and expressed his joy in collaborating with her to bring their characters’ romance to life.

The first part of “Bridgerton” season 3 is currently available for streaming on Netflix, with the second part set to premiere on June 13. Fans can continue to enjoy the regency drama and all the romantic entanglements that come with it.

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