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Argentina’s Economist Milei Travels to the US to Meet with Technology Executives

Argentine President Javier Milei Heads to United States for Tech Meetings and Global Repositioning

Argentine President Javier Milei Seeks to ‘Reposition’ Country with Tech Giant Meetings in US

Argentine President Javier Milei is making his fourth trip to the United States since taking office in December, aiming to bolster his country’s economy by meeting with tech industry leaders. Milei, known for his ultra-liberal economic policies, is scheduled to meet with representatives from OpenAI, Apple, Google, and Meta during his visit.

Accompanied by his economy minister, Milei is on a mission to “reposition” Argentina globally by engaging with some of the top companies in the world. This trip comes at a critical time as the Argentine Senate is set to debate Milei’s proposed economic reform package, which includes budget cuts and liberalization measures.

Milei’s previous visit to Spain stirred controversy after he made disparaging remarks about the prime minister’s wife at a gathering of far-right leaders. However, Milei remains undeterred and is forging ahead with his international engagements.

After his meetings in Silicon Valley, Milei will travel to El Salvador to attend the inauguration of President Nayib Bukele, known for his tough stance on crime. Following this, Milei has plans to visit Madrid, Italy, and Switzerland for various events and summits.

Since taking office, Milei has implemented drastic austerity measures, including slashing public spending, cutting government jobs, and eliminating subsidies. While inflation has started to slow down, economic challenges persist in Argentina, making Milei’s efforts to reposition the country all the more crucial.

Stay tuned for updates on Milei’s high-profile meetings and the impact of his economic policies on Argentina’s future.

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