Sunday, June 16, 2024

Apple’s Arguments to Dismiss Anti-Trust Lawsuit from 15 US States

Apple Fights Back: Seeks Dismissal of Lawsuit Alleging Monopoly Practices

Apple is facing legal troubles as the Justice Department and 15 states have accused the tech giant of monopolising the smartphone market and driving up prices. The lawsuit alleges that Apple’s restrictive policies harm consumers and smaller rivals in the industry.

According to the lawsuit, Apple uses its market power to extract more money from consumers, developers, content creators, artists, publishers, small businesses, and merchants. The company is accused of maintaining an illegal monopoly on smartphones by imposing contractual restrictions and withholding critical access from developers.

US officials claim that Apple charges exorbitant prices for its iPhones, with some models costing as much as $1,599, leading to larger profits compared to its competitors. Additionally, Apple is said to impose hidden charges on business partners, ultimately raising prices for consumers.

Attorney General Merrick Garland has warned that if Apple’s alleged antitrust violations are left unchecked, the company will continue to strengthen its smartphone monopoly at the expense of consumers.

In response, Apple has vehemently denied the allegations and has requested a US judge to dismiss the lawsuit. The company argues that it faces fierce competition from well-established rivals and does not have the ability to charge supra-competitive prices or restrict output in the smartphone market. Apple also claims that consumers have the option to switch to competitor platforms if they are unhappy with its limitations.

The government is expected to respond to Apple’s dismissal request within seven days, as the legal battle between the tech giant and authorities heats up. Stay tuned for updates on this ongoing antitrust case.

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