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Apple is calling for the dismissal of US antitrust law alleging iPhone market monopoly

Apple Plans to Ask US Judge to Dismiss Antitrust Lawsuit: Here’s Why

Apple to Ask US Judge to Dismiss DOJ Lawsuit Alleging iPhone Market Monopoly

Apple has announced its plans to request a US judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the Justice Department and 15 states in March, which accused the tech giant of monopolizing the smartphone market, harming smaller competitors, and driving up prices.

In a letter to US District Judge Julien X. Neals in New Jersey, Apple refuted the allegations, stating that it faces fierce competition from well-established rivals and that the complaint failed to prove that Apple has the ability to charge supra-competitive prices or restrict output in the smartphone markets.

The government is expected to respond within seven days to Apple’s letter, which aims to expedite the case before potentially advancing to a more rigorous legal battle to dismiss the lawsuit.

The lawsuit accuses Apple of maintaining an illegal monopoly on smartphones by imposing contractual restrictions and withholding access from developers. The Justice Department has claimed that Apple uses its market power to extract more money from consumers, developers, content creators, artists, publishers, small businesses, and merchants.

Apple has denied these allegations, stating that consumers are not locked into their devices and have the option to switch to competitor platforms without limitations.

Attorney General Merrick Garland emphasized the importance of challenging antitrust violations to prevent companies like Apple from strengthening their monopoly and further increasing prices for consumers.

The outcome of this legal battle will have significant implications for the tech industry and competition in the smartphone market. Stay tuned for updates as the case progresses.

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