Monday, June 17, 2024

‘Absurd’ – Netanyahu slams ICC prosecutor’s move to seek arrest warrants for Israeli leaders

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls ICC prosecutor’s plan to seek arrest warrants “absurd”

Title: Israeli Prime Minister Condemns ICC Prosecutor’s Plan for Arrest Warrants

In a strong response to the International Criminal Court prosecutor’s plan to seek arrest warrants for Israeli leaders, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the move “absurd” and a “hit job” against his country.

The prosecutor alleges that Netanyahu and Israeli Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant are responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Gaza, including starvation of civilians and inhumane acts. Netanyahu vehemently denies these accusations, stating that Israel has provided humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza.

President Joe Biden also criticized the prosecutor’s decision, calling it “outrageous” and stating that there is no equivalence between Israel and Hamas. The U.S. government has opposed a potential full-scale invasion in Gaza, urging for a peaceful resolution.

As the conflict continues, with thousands of Palestinians and Israelis killed, Netanyahu emphasized the need to defeat Hamas for peace and stability in the region. He outlined a plan to demilitarize Gaza and establish a civilian administration once the terrorist group is eliminated.

The situation remains tense as Israel considers its next steps in Gaza, while facing international scrutiny over alleged war crimes. The outcome of this conflict is uncertain, with the fates of both Israelis and Palestinians hanging in the balance.

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