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Abi Carter from American Idol Reveals Luke Bryan’s Post-Finale Advice

Exclusive: ‘American Idol’ Winner Abi Carter on Luke Bryan’s Gut Instinct and Her Journey to Victory

“American Idol” season 22 winner Abi Carter’s victory was no surprise to judge Luke Bryan, who had a gut feeling about her from the very start. After her show-stopping performance of her original song “This Isn’t Over,” Carter was crowned the winner, beating out fellow top three contestants Will Moseley and Jack Blocker.

In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Carter shared her initial disbelief upon hearing her name called as the winner, as she had mentally prepared for Moseley to take the title. However, Bryan’s early prediction of her success proved to be true, as she consistently impressed the judges throughout the season.

Both Katy Perry and Lionel Richie praised Carter during the competition, with Perry even dubbing her as her favorite contestant. Perry, who celebrated her final episode as a judge on Sunday’s finale, was honored by Carter and other contestants with a musical medley of her biggest hits.

Reflecting on her win, Carter expressed gratitude towards the judges for pushing her to be better and step out of her comfort zone. She also shared her thoughts on who she would like to see as Perry’s replacement, naming Lady Gaga and Meghan Trainor as potential candidates.

As the dust settles on a successful season of “American Idol,” Carter’s journey to victory serves as an inspiring example of pursuing one’s dreams and overcoming self-imposed limitations.

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