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AI Deepfakes Used by Terrorist Group for Propaganda: Tech Times报道

Artificial Intelligence Deepfakes Used by Terrorist Groups for Propaganda Spread: Experts Warn

Terrorist Groups Exploit AI Technology to Spread Propaganda

Artificial intelligence deepfakes have become a major concern as terrorist groups are now utilizing this technology to disseminate propaganda, according to experts. Following a deadly attack in Bamiyan province, Afghanistan, the Islamic State Khorasan (ISKP) group produced a video featuring an AI-generated anchor delivering the news.

The computerized anchorman, speaking Pashto and resembling locals in Bamiyan, appeared in a video created by ISKP after the attack that left four people, including three Spanish tourists, dead. Experts suggest that the use of AI has enabled organizations like IS to produce high-quality videos comparable to Hollywood productions.

Another AI-generated digital male news anchor claimed responsibility for a car explosion in Kandahar, Afghanistan, in a propaganda film released by Islamic State. The advancement of AI technology has allowed terrorist groups to create sophisticated content to push their extremist ideologies.

Despite the territorial losses suffered by IS in Syria and Iraq, analysts note that the group’s supporters view AI as a new platform to promote their radical beliefs. Generative AI technology has revolutionized how extremist groups conduct online influence operations, including the use of AI-generated religious songs for recruitment purposes.

This is not the first instance of terrorist groups using AI technology. Reports indicate that organizations like Hezbollah and Hamas have also leveraged AI-generated content to influence public opinion. From AI-generated imagery promoting racist and antisemitic narratives to guides on memetic warfare, the use of AI by extremist groups is a growing concern.

As the threat of AI-generated propaganda continues to evolve, it is essential for authorities and tech companies to collaborate in monitoring and addressing the misuse of this technology by terrorist organizations. The role of AI in spreading extremist propaganda highlights the need for robust countermeasures to combat the dissemination of harmful content online.

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