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Yao Chen’s Perspective on the Shanghai Film Fest and Bond with Zhang Weili

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: Articles on Yao Chen at the 2022 Beijing International Film Festival

Yao Chen, the renowned actress and producer, made a notable appearance at the 26th Shanghai International Film Festival recently. While she was officially a part of the judging team for the festival’s Projects initiative, Yao Chen also expressed her eagerness to take on multiple roles during her time in town.

Known for her successful projects like “Lost, Found” and “Send Me to the Clouds,” Yao Chen is actively seeking new production opportunities for her company, Bad Rabbit Pictures, and looking for potential acting roles for herself. With a massive social media following of around 100 million, Yao Chen’s presence at the festival garnered attention not only for her work but also for her bond with Zhang Weili, the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s champion who is making her acting debut in the film “After Typhoon,” directed by Li Yu.

In an exclusive interview with THR, Yao Chen shared her thoughts on the importance of SIFF for her career as both an actress and a producer. She emphasized the festival’s role in recognizing creativity and the best of Chinese cinema. Additionally, Yao Chen discussed her approach as a jury member and the inspiration she draws from working with Zhang Weili.

The actress-producer’s participation in SIFF Projects and her dedication to scouting new talent and projects highlight her commitment to exploring fresh opportunities in the industry. With her diverse portfolio and collaborative spirit, Yao Chen continues to make a mark in the world of Chinese cinema.

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