Monday, July 22, 2024

Xi Jinping urges global powers to facilitate Russia-Ukraine dialogue

Chinese President Xi Jinping Urges World Powers to Help Facilitate Dialogue Between Russia and Ukraine during Meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán

Chinese President Xi Jinping, during a meeting with Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, called on world powers to help Russia and Ukraine resume direct dialogue. Orbán, who made a surprise visit to China after similar trips to Russia and Ukraine, is on a peace mission that lacks the endorsement of other European leaders.

Orbán described China as a stabilizing force and praised its peace initiatives, including a six-point peace plan issued with Brazil. China has maintained its neutrality in the Russia-Ukraine conflict while supporting Moscow through state visits, trade, and military drills.

During the meeting, Xi called on Russia and Ukraine to cease fire and urged major powers to create a conducive environment for talks. Orbán and Xi have strengthened ties, with China upgrading its relations with Hungary to a comprehensive strategic partnership.

Hungary, under Orbán, has built substantial ties with China, hosting Chinese electric vehicle battery facilities and attracting investments. Orbán’s warm relations with Xi and Russian President Vladimir Putin have drawn criticism from EU and NATO allies for blocking efforts to assist Kyiv and impose sanctions on Moscow.

Putin’s insistence on Ukraine withdrawing troops from claimed regions as a condition for peace talks has been rejected by Ukraine and its Western allies, prolonging the conflict. Orbán’s stance on Ukraine has frustrated EU and NATO allies, who view Russia’s actions as a breach of international law and a threat to Eastern Europe’s security.

Orbán’s visit to Moscow and his close ties with Xi and Putin underscore the complex diplomatic challenges facing Europe amid the ongoing conflict in Russia and Ukraine.

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