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Why Clear Blue Technologies International Inc.’s (CVE:CBLU) CEO Compensation Seems Reasonable

Analyzing CEO Compensation and Performance at Clear Blue Technologies International Inc.

Title: Clear Blue Technologies International CEO Compensation Under Scrutiny Ahead of Annual General Meeting

Clear Blue Technologies International Inc. is gearing up for its Annual General Meeting on June 28th, where shareholders will have the opportunity to vote on key resolutions, including executive remuneration. CEO Miriam Tuerk’s total compensation of CA$162.6k has raised questions among shareholders, especially given the company’s less than stellar performance in recent years.

Despite a three-year loss of 81% to shareholders, Clear Blue Technologies International has managed to grow its EPS by 16% over the same period. This disparity in performance and compensation has put a spotlight on the CEO’s pay package, which is 73% less than the industry average.

Analysis shows that Clear Blue Technologies International pays its CEO below the industry median, with the total compensation consisting entirely of a salary. Miriam Tuerk also holds CA$97k worth of the company’s stock, aligning their interests with shareholders.

While the company has shown positive signs of growth, with a 255% increase in revenue and a 16% EPS growth over the past year, shareholders remain concerned about the overall return on investment. The upcoming AGM provides an opportunity for shareholders to address their concerns with the board and reevaluate their investment thesis.

Clear Blue Technologies International’s handling of CEO compensation, coupled with the company’s performance metrics, will be closely monitored by shareholders leading up to the AGM. Stay tuned for updates on how the company plans to address these concerns and improve shareholder value.

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