Monday, July 15, 2024

WGN Radio 720 reports on the UN’s adoption of a Chinese resolution, backed by the US, to address disparities in artificial intelligence access


The United Nations General Assembly has just adopted a Chinese-sponsored resolution, with U.S. support, urging developed nations to close the gap with developing countries in access to artificial intelligence. This resolution follows a previous one in March that focused on ensuring AI is safe and trustworthy for all nations.

The adoption of both resolutions by consensus shows that the U.S. and China, despite being rivals in many areas, are both committed to shaping the future of this technology. Chinese Ambassador Fu Cong emphasized the importance of cooperation between the two nations on this issue and highlighted the rapid advancement of AI technology.

However, tensions arose as Fu criticized the U.S. Treasury Department’s proposed rule to restrict investments in China for AI and other technologies. He called for the U.S. to lift these sanctions, expressing concern that they could divide the world in terms of AI standards and regulations.

Both resolutions emphasize the civilian applications of AI but also acknowledge the importance of addressing the military dimension of this technology. China is actively participating in negotiations on controlling lethal autonomous weapons in Geneva and supports the proposal of a General Assembly resolution on the military aspect of AI.

Overall, the resolutions aim to bridge the gap between developed and developing countries in AI access and promote international cooperation in AI governance. Ambassador Fu stressed the need for the UN to play a central role in this governance, making it the most representative and inclusive forum for addressing AI issues.

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