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West Indies legends applaud Virat Kohli as he announces retirement from T20Is | Cricket News: A Tribute to the Best

West Indies legends Chris Gayle and Ian Bishop congratulate Indian team on ICC T20 World Cup victory

India clinched the 2024 ICC T20 World Cup title in style, with Virat Kohli leading the charge in his final T20I appearance for the national team. The legendary West Indies cricketers, Chris Gayle and Ian Bishop, were quick to acknowledge Kohli’s brilliance and congratulate the Indian team on their remarkable achievement.

Kohli’s memorable innings of 76 runs off 59 balls in the final against South Africa was crucial in India posting a competitive total of 176/7. Despite facing tough competition throughout the tournament, Kohli delivered when it mattered the most, showcasing his exceptional skills one last time on the T20I stage.

Chris Gayle, known for his powerful performances in T20 cricket, praised Kohli for his significant contribution in the final match. “Virat Kohli always comes to the crunch, and he makes that punch he did that in the final. Congratulations India, it was a good game. Hard luck to South Africa,” Gayle expressed his admiration for Kohli’s performance.

Ian Bishop also lauded Kohli’s decision to retire from international T20 cricket, describing it as the best way for a player of his caliber to bow out. “You want to go out with people grasping for more. I am happy for him personally. This has been a tough tournament, but this is a step-up class in his career,” Bishop commended Kohli.

The meticulous planning and execution by the Indian team played a significant role in their unbeaten run to the T20 World Cup title. Rohit Sharma’s leadership was instrumental, but it was Kohli who shone brightly in the final, guiding India to a 7-run victory and their second T20 World Cup triumph.

India’s victory ended an 11-year ICC trophy drought, marking a new chapter of success for the team. Ian Bishop emphasized India’s well-rounded performance throughout the tournament, stating, “India planned well and executed well. They were led well by Rohit Sharma but more than him, led by Virat in the final, led by Bumrah also in the tournament.”

With this historic win, India’s journey to T20 World Cup glory has set the stage for a bright future, with hopes of continued success in the years to come.

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