Monday, July 15, 2024

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Breakthrough AI Technology Enhancing Plant Growth and Biomass: RhizoNet Analysis Tool

Scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have announced a breakthrough in artificial intelligence technology that could revolutionize the way we grow food in a warming world. The new tool, called RhizoNet, uses deep-learning algorithms to analyze roots and track plant growth and biomass, providing valuable insights into crop quality and yields.

This innovative technology has the potential to address food security and sustainability challenges by enabling scientists to engineer plants that can survive extreme weather events and other environmental stressors. For example, Bayer is currently waiting for full approval of “short corn,” a genetically modified crop that can withstand strong winds and increase yields.

RhizoNet’s advanced image analysis capabilities have surpassed manual methods, allowing for more accurate and detailed root behavior assessments. This not only streamlines the plant cultivation process but also paves the way for automated laboratories, bringing us closer to the concept of self-driving labs.

Researchers hope that this breakthrough technology will not only improve agricultural practices but also contribute to sustainable energy solutions and carbon capture technologies. With the goal of self-driving labs in sight, RhizoNet represents a significant step forward in plant and microbe-based technology for a greener future.

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