Monday, May 20, 2024

Vivica A. Fox Anticipates Tyler Perry’s Response to ‘Not Another Church Movie’ Parody

In an exclusive interview, Vivica A. Fox and Kevin Daniels discuss their latest project, ‘Not Another Church Movie,’ offering insights into its comedic take on Tyler Perry’s legacy and their expectations regarding Perry’s reaction.

Fox and Daniels delve into the film’s premise, centered around Taylor Pherry, a character reminiscent of Perry himself, on a divine mission to share stories until the Devil intervenes. Fox, known for her dramatic roles, finds the comedic shift refreshing, particularly portraying Judge L’Oréal, a spoof of Judge Mablean. Daniels praises director Johnny Mack for fostering a creative environment where improvisation thrives.

Acknowledging the parody’s inspiration from Perry’s monumental career, Daniels emphasizes the film’s intent to honor Perry’s achievements through humor. Fox echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the homage inherent in spoofing someone’s work. Reflecting on his own upbringing with parody films, Daniels expresses newfound respect for Perry’s contributions.

Both actors are optimistic about Perry’s response, anticipating his appreciation for the homage. ‘Not Another Church Movie,’ a nod to comedic greats like Wayans and Townsend, boasts a stellar cast including Kyla Pratt and Tisha Campbell. Scheduled for a May 10 release, the film promises a hilarious celebration of Perry’s cinematic legacy.

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