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Video Shows Alligator Hiding under Publix Shopping Carts in South Carolina

Alligator Found Under Shopping Carts at South Carolina Publix, Safely Removed and Released

Publix in South Carolina had an unexpected visitor recently – an alligator found lurking under a group of shopping carts outside the supermarket. The reptile was spotted near the entrance of the grocery store, prompting officials from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) to be called to the scene. The alligator, which had been shot with a pellet gun, was successfully removed from the area by a wildlife contractor and later released back into state waters after receiving treatment for its wound.

In light of this incident, the SCDNR shared important safety tips for dealing with alligators. They advised people to stay alert and aware if they encounter an alligator, to keep a respectful distance, and to never feed them as it can lead to negative interactions. Alligators are known to hiss and make bluff lunges if they feel threatened, especially during mating season when they are more active on land.

This unusual encounter serves as a reminder for residents to be cautious when in areas where alligators are present and to follow proper safety protocols to avoid any potentially dangerous situations.

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