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Vatican excommunicates former US ambassador and finds him guilty of schism

Vatican Excommunicates Former Ambassador to Washington, Archbishop Vigano

Vatican Excommunicates Former Ambassador to Washington for Schism

In a shocking announcement, the Vatican declared that its former ambassador to Washington, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, has been excommunicated after being found guilty of schism. This decision comes after Vigano became one of Pope Francis’ most vocal critics and symbol of the growing divide within the Catholic Church in the United States and beyond.

The Vatican’s doctrine office cited Vigano’s refusal to recognize and submit to the Supreme Pontiff, as well as his rejection of communion with the members of the church subject to him and the legitimacy of the Second Vatican Council. This excommunication means that Vigano is now formally outside of communion with the church and cannot celebrate or receive sacraments.

Unlike defrocking, which turns a priest into a layman, excommunication is considered a “medicinal” penalty with the hope that those who incur it will repent and return to communion with the church. Vigano, who has not been seen publicly since before 2018, knew the excommunication was coming after being informed of the penal process last month. He defiantly called it “an honor” and refused to defend himself.

Vigano’s controversial statements and conspiracy theories on various topics, from the coronavirus pandemic to Russia’s war in Ukraine, have alienated many within the church. His extreme views have amplified the already existing divide between U.S. ultra-conservatives and Pope Francis.

The excommunication of Vigano, once a respected figure in the Vatican and U.S. church hierarchies, highlights the ongoing polarization within the Catholic Church. It also serves as a reminder of the dangers of schism, which threaten the unity of the church.

Vigano’s actions, which have led to his excommunication, have had a significant impact on the perception of the church, both in the United States and globally. His rejection of the authority of the Vatican and his extreme views have drawn criticism from many within the church.

As the Vatican takes this decisive action against Archbishop Vigano, it sends a clear message about the consequences of schism and the importance of unity within the Catholic Church. The hope is that this penalty will serve as a wake-up call for Vigano and others who may be tempted to follow a similar path of division and discord within the church.

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