Friday, July 19, 2024

US Calls on PM Modi to Discuss Ukraine’s Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity with Vladimir Putin

United States Emphasizes Ukraine’s Territorial Integrity in Prime Minister Modi’s Meeting with President Putin

The United States has called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to prioritize war-hit Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty as he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the eve of the NATO summit in Washington. The State Department emphasized the importance of India as a strategic partner and urged clear support for Ukraine’s sovereignty in any resolution to the conflict.

White House National Security Communications Advisor John Kirby highlighted the need for greater partnerships between the NATO alliance and friendly nations, particularly in the Indo-Pacific region. President Joe Biden has encouraged NATO allies to make significant investments in mutual defense capabilities in the face of global threats and challenges.

Despite India’s historical ties with Moscow, the country has opted not to participate in Western sanctions against Russia and continues to engage in energy trade with them. Leaders from 38 nations, including NATO members and partners like Ukraine, Japan, New Zealand, and South Korea, have gathered in Washington for a landmark summit celebrating the 75th anniversary of NATO.

The strong ties between the United States and India underscore the importance of the partnership amidst China’s growing influence. President Biden’s invitation to Modi for a state visit last year signifies the deepening relationship between the two nations. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.

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