Friday, July 19, 2024

University of Texas Leads $25 Million Consortium on Nuclear Technology

University of Tennessee Receives $25 Million Department of Energy Grant for Nuclear Security Research

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, has been awarded a $25 million cooperative agreement by the U.S. Department of Energy to support research in nuclear security and nonproliferation. The Enabling Capabilities in Technology Consortium, which will receive $5 million annually for five years, is set to begin in March 2025 and will focus on advancing global security, clean energy, and artificial intelligence.

Led by Jason Hayward, a UCOR Fellow and professor of nuclear engineering at UT, the consortium’s research will cover a range of areas including earth science, nuclear chemistry, and engineering. The consortium includes 15 universities and eight national laboratories, with a focus on education and training to develop a talented workforce for the future.

Hayward praised the investments made by the state of Tennessee and UT in faculty and facilities, positioning the university as a leading institution in nuclear-related fields. The consortium’s partners include prestigious institutions such as MIT, Texas A&M University, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

This new consortium represents a significant step forward in advancing nuclear security and nonproliferation efforts, with a focus on training the next generation of technical talent. Stay tuned for more updates on the groundbreaking research coming out of the Enabling Capabilities in Technology Consortium.

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