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Undocumented individuals are being transported into the US through El Paso drainage systems

Cartels Using El Paso Drains to Smuggle Migrants Into U.S. – Border Crisis Escalates

Title: Cartels Using El Paso Drains to Smuggle Migrants into the U.S.

In a shocking turn of events, cartels are utilizing the storm drain system in El Paso, Texas, to smuggle migrants into the United States, posing a new challenge for the Biden administration amidst the ongoing border crisis.

The extensive storm drain system in El Paso, spanning over 300 miles, has become a battleground in the fight against illegal immigration and human smuggling. Border Patrol agents are facing new obstacles as smugglers exploit these underground networks to move migrants.

Since President Biden’s latest asylum crackdown, migrants in Juarez are increasingly turning to smugglers as a means of illegally entering the U.S. These smugglers are using tools like electric cutters and gas-powered saws to create new entry points into the drains, creating dangerous routes for migrants, including children.

The Border Patrol’s specialized Confined Space Entry Team (CSET) is at the forefront of combating these smugglers. However, CSET faces challenges such as toxic gases, snakes, and the risk of flash floods while searching for signs of recent activity in the drains. The team is not only looking to rescue migrants but also locate and apprehend the smugglers.

Sources in Mexico indicate an expected increase in migrant movement through these tunnels, coinciding with Mexico’s efforts to combat migrant smuggling. Despite these efforts, smugglers continue to profit significantly from the border crossings.

As the situation unfolds, CSET agents must navigate the toxic gases inside the tunnels and deal with compromised Mexican authorities to address the ongoing issue of smuggling through the storm drain system. The fight against cartels using drains for illegal activities at the border continues, with authorities working diligently to tackle this intricate problem.

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