Monday, July 15, 2024

UAE: Scores found guilty in unfair mass trial violating basic legal principles

Recent Verdict in UAE Mass Trial Condemned by Amnesty International

In a shocking turn of events, an Emirati court has sentenced 40 defendants to life in prison in a mass trial of 84 individuals. The trial, which has been ongoing since December 2023, has been met with criticism from human rights groups and activists, who are calling for the immediate release of the defendants.

According to Devin Kenney, Amnesty International’s UAE Researcher, the trial has been a “shameless parody of justice” and has violated multiple fundamental principles of law. The defendants, which include prisoners of conscience and human rights defenders, have been subjected to unfair trial practices, including prolonged solitary confinement, deprivation of contact with family and lawyers, and allegations of torture and ill-treatment.

The UAE government has kept the details of the trial under wraps, with the indictment, charges, defense lawyers, and even the names of the defendants being kept secret. It has only been through leaks that some information has come to light, revealing that a majority of the defendants had previously been tried on the same accusations in a mass trial in 2012-2013.

The timing of the trial, during the COP28 climate conference in Dubai last year, has raised further concerns about political motivations behind the crackdown on dissenters. Critics argue that the trial is an attempt by the UAE government to silence opposition and hide its human rights abuses behind a fa├žade of progressiveness.

As calls for justice and fair treatment for the defendants grow louder, the UAE’s reputation as a progressive nation may be at stake. The outcome of this trial could have far-reaching implications for the country’s standing on the international stage.

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