Monday, July 15, 2024

TV host Joy Reid accused of copying Trump’s hairstyle, decides to shave her head

Joy Reid’s Hair Transformation: Embracing a “Hair-Free Summer” with a Platinum Blonde Buzz Cut

Renowned Black conservative journalist Joy Reid has made headlines with her bold transformation, shaving her head and dyeing it blonde in a defiant move against ongoing comparisons to former US President Donald Trump. The distinctive bleach-blond combover hairstyle that Reid was known for has now been replaced by a platinum blonde buzz cut, marking a “hair-free summer” for the MSNBC host.

Reid unveiled her new look on “The ReidOut,” her primetime show on MSNBC, where she humorously embraced the change as a fresh start. This drastic transformation comes in response to critics who have likened her hairstyle to that of Trump, particularly in light of a recent encounter with a reporter outside a New York City courtroom where Trump was standing trial.

Throughout her career, Reid has been unapologetically herself, showcasing a variety of hairstyles that reflect the versatility of Black women. From wavy auburn bobs to braided updos, she has always been a trendsetter in the world of media. Her latest move to a blonde buzz cut further solidifies her commitment to embracing her natural beauty and making a statement as a cultural leader.

Despite facing mixed reactions online to her new look, Reid remains undeterred in her quest to redefine her public image and assert her individuality. With the hashtags “#BlondeAndBougie” and “#BlondesHaveMoreJoy,” she is embracing this new chapter with confidence and style. Joy Reid’s hair may have changed, but her unwavering determination to be true to herself remains unchanged.

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