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Tragic Loss for Alexa and Carlos PenaVega: Fourth Child Born Still

In an emotional revelation, actors Alexa and Carlos PenaVega disclosed the heartbreaking stillbirth of their fourth child, a daughter they named Indy. The couple shared their profound loss with their followers on Instagram on Monday, April 15, detailing the peaceful yet painful birth.

Alexa and Carlos PenaVega, known for their roles in “Spy Kids” and “Big Time Rush,” respectively, confronted their profound grief with a poignant message online. “In the most sorrowful moments, finding the right words is impossible,” they expressed. The infant, whom they lovingly called Indy, was born still, enveloping the moment in both tranquility and sorrow.

The PenaVegas revealed that their strength in this trying time has been bolstered by divine comfort and the supportive prayers from their community. “God’s presence has been our solace, and the support from friends and family has sustained us,” they noted in their heartfelt post.

Their journey to parenthood expanded last November when they joyously announced the expected arrival of Indy. Reflecting on the brief time with their daughter, they shared, “She was incredibly beautiful, with dark hair just like her father. The rollercoaster of emotions has been overwhelming, from devastating grief to feeling blessed for the short time we had with her.”

Alexa and Carlos are also parents to three other children: Ocean, 6, Kingston, 4, and Rio, 2. The family’s message concluded with a touching tribute to the impact Indy had on their lives, “Indy Rex PenaVega, you reshaped our world and brought us closer to the community we’ve longed for. We are grateful for the change you brought into our lives and are inspired by the future impact of your brief but meaningful existence.”

Their story not only shares their personal ordeal but also casts a light on the silent struggles many parents endure with stillbirths, hoping to foster a broader understanding and support network for those grappling with similar losses.

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