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Toys ‘R’ Us stands by AI-generated video despite backlash

Toys “R” Us AI-Made Video Deemed Successful Despite Online Controversy

Toys “R” Us Faces Backlash After Releasing AI-Made Video at Cannes Film Festival

A recent move by Toys “R” Us to incorporate generative artificial intelligence into its branding strategy has sparked controversy and backlash online. The company debuted an AI-generated brand video at the Cannes Film Festival, which featured a young Charles Lazarus, the late founder of Toys “R” Us, alongside the brand mascot, Geoffrey the Giraffe.

While some praised the innovative use of AI technology in the video, many creatives expressed concerns about the potential impact on job positions in acting, writing, and design. Criticism of the video spread rapidly on social media, with one user likening the AI-generated content to something out of “Stephen King’s nightmares.”

Despite the backlash, Toys “R” Us executives deemed the video a success and expressed interest in continuing to explore the use of AI in their creative processes. Kim Miller Olko, president of Toys “R” Us Studios, emphasized the importance of learning from the experience and integrating AI as a tool in their toolkit for future projects.

In response to concerns about AI replacing human workers, both Miller Olko and Native Foreign’s chief creative officer Nik Kleverov defended their use of AI in this specific project. They emphasized that the team size and collaborative process for creating the video were similar to traditional methods, and that the goal was to add emotion and soul to the final product.

While the online backlash continues, some viewers have expressed admiration for the video’s technical achievements and predict a future where AI plays a larger role in commercial advertising. The debate around the use of AI in creative industries is likely to persist as companies like Toys “R” Us navigate the integration of new technologies into their marketing strategies.

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