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Tom Bergeron of Dancing With the Stars shocks fans with major career announcement following departure

Tom Bergeron Won’t Return to TV Hosting After Controversial Dancing With The Stars Exit

Tom Bergeron, the iconic host of Dancing With The Stars, has made a surprising announcement that he will not be taking on any more TV show projects despite receiving numerous offers. Bergeron, 69, made headlines after his controversial exit from DWTS in 2020 following a disagreement with executives over casting political figures on the show.

In a recent interview at the Critics Choice Real TV Awards, Bergeron revealed that he is ready to move on from hosting and focus on other projects. Despite the backlash from fans over his departure from the popular dance competition, Bergeron remains unbothered and stands by his decision to speak up before leaving his highest paying gig.

Receiving a prestigious honor at the Critics Choice Real TV Awards, Bergeron expressed his contentment with his decision to step away from hosting duties. He stated, “I honestly don’t want to host anything anymore. I’ve done it to death. I’ve done every format possible.” He went on to mention a new film project with William Shatner but emphasized that hosting is no longer in his plans.

Reflecting on his career, Bergeron highlighted the importance of following one’s passion rather than chasing a paycheck. He shared, “If you love what you’re doing, s— can happen. You might lose jobs along the way, but if you love what you’re doing, if it’s something that you’re following a passion as opposed to following a paycheck, then hopefully the paychecks will come.”

Bergeron’s departure from Dancing With The Stars was marked by controversy, with his objection to casting a political figure causing a rift with the show’s bosses. He explained that he wanted the show to provide viewers with an escape from political divisiveness and expressed his disappointment with the casting decisions made by the producers.

Despite the challenges he faced during his time on DWTS, Bergeron remains firm in his beliefs and is moving forward with a new chapter in his career. As he bids farewell to hosting, fans can expect to see him exploring new opportunities and projects outside the realm of television.

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